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LED technology

Rail vehicles for local and long-distance public transport, municipal railways, buses and public buildings.

Through our own development and production of ultra-modern and environmentally friendly LED lamps, we strive to enable the use of efficient lighting technology in a wide range of applications

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Railway-compatible LED tubes

Optimize your lighting solution by replacing traditional fluorescent tubes with cutting-edge LED tubes from Crous LED. These LED tubes, which have been specially approved for the railway sector, not only offer remarkable energy efficiency, but also significantly reduce maintenance costs. The resulting cost savings go hand in hand with a new pleasant and appealing ambiance in your vehicles

#T8 /T5e
#T6 /T5e
#T8 DW
#T8 NF
train interior
train interior bad light

Specially developed for retrofitting in rail vehicles

  • Replaces conventional fluorescent tubes
  • T8, T5, T8/T5e and T6/T5e sizes
  • Highly reliable LED and driver technology
  • Internally installed control electronics
    for plug and play
  • Fire protection class HL3 certified
  • NO maintenance costs
  • Eco-friendly & sustainable
  • No mercury content
  • 35% energy savings
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • surge protector
  • Low voltage protection
  • Protected against interruptions to
    power supply
train interior
train interior bad light

Certified and safe!

Crous LED lighting has been carefully developed and extensively tested to meet the demanding requirements of rail transport.

  • EN 50155/Electronic equipment on rail vehicles
  • EN 50121-3-2 /Electromagnetic compatibility for railway applications
  • EN 61373/Tests for vibrations and shocks
  • EN 45545/Fire protection in rail vehicles
  • RoHS EU Directive 2011/65/EU
Certificates and teste

The right solution for every application!

Crous LED offers you a selection of three different LED types, which are optimally tailored to every installation situation to ensure outstanding illumination of your vehicles.

P-type = 180°
Application: Double row above the seats

V-type = 240°
Application: Central aisle and entrance areas

D-type= 2x 180° Application: Luggage racks

#V -Type
#P -Type
#D -Type
custom lighting with different types of light

LEDs, a wide range of options

Crous LED stands for innovation and
development. For this reason, our product range is constantly evolving. Individual solutions are one of our undisputed strengths.

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#GU5 ,3
#SV8 ,5-8
Led Lights

Very good color rendering

The color rendering index, also known as CRI (Color Rendering Index), is a value that indicates how the color rendering of an artificial light source is compared to natural light, such as sunlight. Sunlight has a CRI of 100. The further the value of an LED falls, the greater the difference between the color perception in sunlight.

In order to meet the requirements of our customers, we install CRI>90 LEDs as standard.

Create perfect lighting with almost authentic color perception.

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LED retrofitting!

Replace old fluorescent tubes with efficient LED technology. The rail-approved Crous LEDs reduce power consumption by up to 40%, reduce running costs and create a more pleasant atmosphere.

train interior
train interior with bad light


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